Support for BAME Students

Loughborough University are proud that our students and staff have a range of backgrounds and come from a variety of countries. We are focused on welcoming all Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME*) students to the Loughborough University Community and we support inclusivity.

The University recognises a range of issues can cause a variety of emotional responses for BAME students. These issues could be: 

  • Race based stress 
  • Race based trauma 
  • Systemic / institutional racism   
  • Microaggressions 
  • Unequal systems/ processes 
  • Global events 
  • Protests, Movements and Activism 
  • Oppression and Discrimination 
  • Under representation of Ethnic Minorities 
  • Bias in the media 
  • Alienation and Isolation 
  • Social Media Posts 
  • News Coverage 

These feelings can impact on your day-to-day experiences, emotional wellbeing, and access to academic studies. The University are committed to opening the conversation of the impact of these issues on individuals and striving towards an inclusive future for all. 

What are we doing at Loughborough to challenge racial inequality?

At Loughborough we are taking forward several initiatives to challenge racial inequality. Through the work of both our Student and Staff groups these initiatives have been pushed forward to help challenge racism at Loughborough.

The University has recently applied for Advance HE’s Race Equality Charter (REC) for the bronze award. You can find out more about the REC here.

Alongside Citizens UK, the University launched a listening campaign entitled the Collective Anti-Racist Efforts (CARE) x CUK Listening Campaign.

The University and Loughborough Students’ Union recently launched its BAME Student Council and BAME PGR Consortium to amplify the voices and experiences of our BAME Students.

What Support is Available from the University?

There are a number of support avenues available for BAME students. This includes Wellbeing support, dedicated Careers Support, and advice regarding finance, housing, and visas & immigration.

Student Services offers a variety of different wellbeing support options for BAME students including: 

  • 1:1 Support Appointment. Aimed at students who identify a specific issue and require short term intervention with an advisor.   
  • BAME Support Group. Runs the second Wednesday of every month on MS Teams. The mutual support group is a safe space to share, listen and learn about each other’s experiences. 
  • Support for International Students impacted by the COVID-19 circumstances. 

If you are an international student you can receive, confidential, and impartial advice about immigration, accommodation and finance issues including the impact of COVID-19 travel restrictions. 

You can also receive dedicated Careers support through our Future Black Talent Programme. Being a part of the programme offers several benefits including:  

  • Access to amazing mentors 
  • Exclusive internship opportunities 
  • Talks & Workshops giving you the tools to succeed 
  • Exposure to employer partners committed to racial equality 
  • 1-to-1 application & mock interview support 
  • Exclusive access to insight days, competitions, and networking opportunities 

If you experience harassment due to your race or perceived race or have concerns regarding safeguarding, hate crime, domestic abuse (including honour-based violence), sexual violence, mental health and wellbeing, stalking, substance misuse or bullying and harassment. You can report confidentially through our Online Incident Reporting Portal. You can do so named or anonymously. 

What support is available from the Student's Union?

Loughborough Students’ Union has an Ethnic Minority Network, which provides a safe space environment to voice the concerns, address the issues, cater to the needs of and improve the experience for all Ethnic Minority students here at Loughborough. It is a social space, an opportunity to campaign for change and to lead creative projects and events. The Network is a platform for advocating the opinions and welfare of the ethnic minority students within Loughborough and provides an opportunity to campaign for change and lead creative events and workshops. EMN will also help to promote and support events hosted by all the LSU faith and cultural societies. 

Loughborough Students Union also has several societies which looks to support students of all ethnicities and backgrounds. A full list of societies is available here

What to do next?

If you require wellbeing support and feel that you would benefit from 1-to-1 support, would like to join our BAME Support group or access peer support, please complete our Online referral form and a member of the DAI Team will contact you.

If you require support with your visa, accommodation, or finances, please complete our online booking form.

If you are a 1st or 2nd year undergraduate and would like to be involved in the Future Talent Programme, then please email

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Updated: 17th May 2023