AQPH documentation: Anonymous Submission and Marking of Coursework Policy

1. General

1.1 Schools should not require students to submit the same piece of coursework in both electronic and physical format; a single format must be used. In exceptional circumstances, and with ADT approval, duplicate submission formats could continue in 2019 for major project/dissertation submissions (30 credits or more) and where there was a specific academic or practical reason other than cost why a single on-line submission was not feasible.

1.2 Electronic submission, marking and feedback is strongly recommended but it is understood that this is not possible for some formats of assessment.

1.3 If a staff member wishes to mark in hardcopy format work which has been submitted electronically, arrangements should be made by the School or individual staff member for the work to be printed out for this purpose.

2. Anonymous Coursework Submission and Marking  

2.1 Summative coursework of all weightings should normally be submitted anonymously and processed on this basis up to the point when the provisional mark has been determined and is to be released with feedback to the student.  

2.2 There should only be exemptions from 2.1 where the format of the assessment does not lend itself to anonymisation. i.e.

  • Oral Presentations/Performances
  • Practical/field work involving observation/discussion with assessors
  • Projects/dissertations (Group or Individual) where the supervisor(s) are key markers providing context to the challenges faced by the students.
  • Some types of Group work, e.g. where WebPA is used
  • Where work is submitted via CASPA. 

2.3 A standard typology for assessment formats has been defined by LTC to facilitate consistent decision-making and streamlined administration.  

2.4 Coursework will be identified by student ID number, where possible, in line with the approach to the anonymisation of examination scripts.  

2.5 Student guidance indicates they should not include their name in their coursework submissions.  

2.6 Learn/Turnitin assessment submission tools will be set to default to anonymous, with names only being visible if the default is actively amended by staff in the School.  


Approved by Learning and Teaching Committee on 19 September 2019