11. Student placement charter

11.1 Introduction

Loughborough University (LU) has a long tradition of offering undergraduate programmes incorporating placements and other forms of work based learning (WBL).  

A placement is defined as a period of professional level vocational experience, paid or unpaid, where:

  • There is a direct transfer of supervision of a student to a third party
  • The placement is assessed and integral to the students’ programme
  • The student is enrolled at LU during this period

At LU, a placement typically lasts a full year and leads to the award of a Diploma in Industrial (DIS) or Professional Studies (DPS) or, in appropriate circumstances, a Diploma in International Studies (DIntS), as a component of the final degree. These awards are subject to the provisions of Regulation XI.

In addition, some programmes may offer modules which enable students to undertake other forms of WBL as part of a programme of study, such as short-term or part-time placements.

11.2 The Loughborough Student Placement Charter

The Loughborough Student Placement Charter sets out what is expected of the University, placement student, host organisation and Loughborough Students' Union in relation to placements. The Charter is concerned with the arrangements for agreed and negotiated periods of learning that take place outside the University, with the support and co-operation of host organisations, during a student’s programme. It does not cover students undertaking work experience which is not an assessed component of a student's academic programme.

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