8. Research students

When an offer of a place on a research programme is made, students are notified of the availability of the detailed Code of Practice on Research Degree Programmes. These set out the duties and responsibilities of both the student and the supervisor and provide a great deal of other useful information. Each School/Department has a Director of Research Degree Programme, who has a special responsibility for ensuring that supervisory arrangements are effective and for monitoring the progress of research students through the system to ensure that this is well managed and fair. Part-time or probationary members of staff may be appointed as supervisors only in conjunction with a full-time member of the academic staff.

External Examiners shall normally be research active members of academic staff at another institution of higher education or research institute.

The Doctoral College Office (Academic Registry) is responsible for identifying issues in Examiners' reports which need to be brought to the attention of the AD(R&I). Information on submission rates is reviewed annually by Research Committee. Research Training Programmes for Research Students are administered on behalf of the Doctoral College by Staff Development and delivered by the Doctoral College and other University Support Services.

The University Regulations incorporate appeals and complaints procedures.