Support for Technicians

Loughborough University was one of the founding signatories of the Technician Commitment in 2017. The commitment is a university and research institution initiative, supported by the Science Council and Technicians Make It Happen Campaign.

Loughborough Technical Commitment Plan:

Working to address Technician visibility, career development, sustainability and recognition, Loughborough University has drawn up a Technician Commitment ‘Plan on a Page’.

" Technicians are a vital part of the Loughborough University community. You are central to the support of students and research. I am delighted to be part of the team putting structure, support and visibility to the work technicians do.

Vice-Chancellor (VC) Nick Jennings

CB, FREng, FRS, Vice-Chancellor and President of Loughborough University


The TALENT Commission report has been assembled which is the result of 20 months of research, stakeholder engagement and evidence gathering. It has a series of targeted recommendations for employers and sets out a vision for the future of the UK’s technical talent.


Loughborough University is part of the Midlands Innovation group- a collaboration between eight research intensive universities in the Midlands. As part of this the MITalent group has been set up to support technicians in the midland’s areas. Through this they offer opportunities to apply for funding for development programmes, join their free development courses, and connect with technicians across the midlands, sharing knowledge and building a wider support system.

Technicians make it happen

The technician commitment is led by university and research institutions with support from industries. Universities sign up and make a pledge to tackle key challenges with affect their technical staff, aiming to recognise highlight and support the vital role technicians play within universities.

Technician Newsletters

These newsletters share the latest technical updates: