Project - Staff Recruitment

Make me a member of staff, following good recruitment practice and ensuring an equitable experience.

Project Sponsor: Anne Lamb, Director of Human Resources
Process Owners: Sam Sykes, HR Services Manager
Change Team Facilitator: Meg Stafford
Project Status: Process review 

Loughborough University recognises that people are our success, and our reputation is dependent on the commitment and excellence of our staff.During our recruitment process, candidates interact with many different peoplein schools and professional services.It is essential therefore that we foster a shared understanding of how to offer equality of opportunity and a positive experienceforeveryone who seeks to join the University community, and that our processes and systems are designed effectively to support our recruitment mission.   

An initial process review is nearing completion.Observations and recommendationswill be shared with stakeholders shortly and a decision will then be taken on how to take progress  

Further information is available from:Meg Stafford.