Project - 360 Degree Feedback

To design and implement a 360 Degree Feedback Programme for the Senior Leadership Team

Project Sponsor: Professor Nick Jennings (Vice-Chancellor), Ffyona Baker (Director of OD & Change)
Change Team Facilitator: Renae Huggan-Broughton
Project Status:

The University has made significant progress towards the development of its new Strategic Plan which helps to set the scene for new collective leadership opportunities. In particular, the Vice-Chancellor was keen to lead a piece of work that allowed the Senior Leadership Team to reflect on their leadership styles and behaviours to positively impact the culture of Loughborough. 

To deliver on this, a 360-degree feedback programme was developed alongside an external partner and internal steering group. Specifically, the project involved the identification of key competencies for Senior Leaders at Loughborough and the development of a bespoke questionnaire to measure these. The questionnaire was specifically designed to capture the core leadership behaviours in the context of the emerging Strategic Plan and to align with the new Loughborough Development Framework.  

The programme was recently initiated with the launch of Cohort 1 undertaking their self-questionnaires and nominating others to undertake the questionnaire.  Each cohort will conclude with a report summary and two individual coaching and feedback sessions run by our external partner to formulate a development plan. 

Further information is available from: Renae Huggan-Broughton.