Project - SDCA Portfolio Submission

Help me to upload my portfolio in the right format in the simplest way possible

Project Sponsor: Steven Warren (SDCA Operations Manager)
Process Owners: Lyn Clulow (School of Design and Creative Arts) Emma Johnson (School of Design and Creative Arts) Amy Page-Ward (School of Design and Creative Arts) Laura Jacobs (School of Design and Creative Arts)
Change Team Facilitator: Renae Huggan-Broughton and Abbie Coburn
Project Status:  

Since 2020, SDCA has undertaken its interviews for Creative Arts (Graphics, Fine Art and Textiles) applicants virtually via MS Teams. Currently, applicants submit their portfolios via email prior to their interview so that the interviewer can access the portfolio via Teams during the discussion.  Overall, the process works well for applicants but causes high levels of work for programme administration staff and several challenges often arise.  Such challenges include: incorrectly named portfolios, lost portfolios, and portfolios in incorrect formats.  Therefore, a Change Team facilitated project was initiated to improve the process whilst maintaining an excellent applicant experience.  The following project principles have been identified for the development of an improved process:   

  • Help me to upload portfolio in the right format in the simplest way possible

  • Minimise the amount of checking involved by programme admin staff
  • All applicants have positive interview experience 

Further information is available from: Renae Huggan-Broughton and Abbie Coburn