Project Expectations

Project Expectations is one of six enabling projects initiated following the agreement of the new University Strategy by Council in March 2022. Sponsored by the Vice Chancellor and led by the Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Project Expectations will play a central role as the University embarks on its next strategic cycle through to 2030.

Project Purpose

As part of the Enabling programme, Project Expectations and its workstreams focus on leadership, values, staff development, recognition, and internal communications, creating a foundation for the University's 2030 strategy. By fostering an inclusive culture, empowering staff through development opportunities, and recognising their contributions, we aim to ensure a thriving community that drives impactful research and student success.  

Project Expectations is here to drive a significant cultural shift both in how we lead and collaborate at Loughborough University, all while aligning our University policies and systems. Our mission is simple: to help bring our new University strategy and vision to life. 

Quotes from Key Stakeholders

Project Expectations will support colleagues in understanding their important role in the University’s 2030 Strategy. We are embarking on a journey to transform our culture and align our actions with our bold vision and strategy. Together, let's embrace this change, define our expectations, and continue to work together to make Loughborough University a beacon of excellence, inclusivity, and collaboration. Together, we will shape a University where excellence thrives, and our values drive us forward. Let us embrace the future and make a positive and lasting impact on our national and global community.

Professor Nick Jennings, Vice-Chancellor and President Project Sponsor

At Loughborough University our staff matter. The role that our colleagues play in progressing our ambitious strategy is both recognised and appreciated. We want to make sure that all colleagues feel informed, engaged, and valued for the contribution they make to Loughborough’s success. Project Expectations will help to embed our values, improve the way that we communicate and engage with all colleagues, it will help to shape a culture of feedback, support, and development and ultimately will ensure that we listen to staff and respond so that Loughborough can continue to be an employer of choice, and a place where staff work together to achieve great things.

Ffyona Baker, Deputy Chief Operating Officer Co-Project Director

Project Drivers

At Loughborough University, our staff's contributions are at the heart of our success. Project Expectations is our journey to ensure that each staff member knows how they can contribute to our University's priorities and demonstrate our shared values. We are reimagining conversations between managers and staff to foster a culture of feedback, performance, and development. 

Why this Project matters to us

Our journey is fuelled by clear motivations that push us towards a better tomorrow: 

  • Empowering staff through clear expectations: Project Expectations is all about empowering you. We want to provide you with a clear sense of direction, so you know how your efforts contribute to our shared goals. Through meaningful conversations between managers and staff, we'll create a culture of continuous feedback, growth, and personal development. Together, we shape a thriving community where everyone’s potential is recognised and valued. 
  • Cultural change with your help: We rely on colleagues at every level of the University community to drive a cultural shift, working together with all staff members to create a positive and inclusive environment. 
  • Embracing new ways of working: As we adapt to new challenges, your ideas and collaboration will help us develop innovative approaches that benefit us all. 
  • Consistency for everyone: We aim to eliminate inconsistencies in policies, systems, and processes, ensuring everyone experiences a fair and supportive work environment. 
  • Accountability and responsibility: Empowering each staff member to take ownership of their contributions, fostering a sense of pride and commitment. 
  • A preferred employer: We want to be the preferred employer for both current and future staff, offering a rewarding and fulfilling experience. 
  • Meaningful engagement: Your involvement matters; we seek to engage all colleagues across the University, listening to your ideas and aspirations. 
  • Aligned expectations: By setting clear expectations, we ensure that our core plans and projects align, leading us toward a successful future together. 

Join us in this exciting journey of transformation and growth. Your voice matters, and we're eager to hear your ideas and insights as we collectively shape a brighter future for Loughborough University. Together, let's empower our staff, inspire excellence, and achieve extraordinary things.

The Project Delivery Phases

We're on an exciting journey with ambitious goals. Our strategy involves breaking down the work into carefully planned phases that will unfold over the next few years and align with the University’s 2030 strategy. The initial phase focuses on laying the essential foundations and breathing life into our core values. We're dedicated to working closely with our colleagues across the University to not only shape each phase but also to ensure the success of all future activities within the project.

Get Involved

Provide Feedback

We appreciate feedback from colleagues who identify areas for improvement across the University or simply want to provide feedback on the work being done by the project. Please reach out to us with any thoughts, suggestions, or insight you may have by emailing our Project Manager Tony Graham, at:

Become a Contributor

Would you like to contribute to the work of the project? We would love to hear from you. There are many different ways you can contribute, and we value your input and support in delivering our project aims. We rely on the support and contribution of colleagues from across the University. Please get in touch with us if you'd like to contribute to work on the University Values and Strategy, Leadership and Management behaviours, Development and Performance, Rewards and Recognition, or Internal Communications. Please get in touch at: