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Leaving or Graduating this year?

Students are no longer provided with an Alumni account when they graduate. On completion or termination of your studies, your IT user account will enter a 30-day expiry period.

Unfortunately, we are unable to specify the exact date this will happen, as it varies from school to school, as well as if you are doing resits.

During the 30-day expiry period, you still have access to email, Office 365, Learn and your OneDrive account.

After 30 days, access to your account and all University systems will be permanently terminated and data will start to be deleted. Please read the following guidance to avoid loss of data.

If you are returning to the university for further study or as staff, please see FAQs.


Update & replace

  • During the 30 day expiry, you must update your email details here: 
  • Any contacts/ documents which quote your university email address to a personal email address, including CV & job applications
  • Any online accounts which are registered using your University email address (Amazon, social media, etc.)
  • Some access to the Personal Best web application will be available after graduation. However, in order to gain this, students must have logged in before their Loughborough University IT account expires. Students will be promoted to edit their Personal Best login details closer to the time, to allow them to access after graduation

Back Up

  • Data Stored in your OneDrive Student account (instructions here)
  • Documents you want to keep from LEARN (download/ export content)
  • Emails stored in your student account that you may need in the future (forward to a personal account)


In the light of the current COVID-19 Crisis, finalist students will be refunded print credits, £5 and over, automatically after the exam period has drawn to a close.

Print credit accounts will be closed after the refund has been processed.

All payments are made by electronic transfer to a UK bank account nominated by you. It is therefore imperative that you enter your personal UK bank details onto the system via student self-service on Learn. This can be accessed with your student login and under ‘Student Resources’ is the option ‘Maintain Student Bank Details.

Bank account details on Learn must be updated before 30th June 2020.


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