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Centre for Geometry and Applicatons

Geometry lies at the heart of modern science. It unifies diverse branches of mathematics such as algebra, analysis and number theory, and connects to applications in theoretical physics, computer science, statistics, and more.

Loughborough University has a strong tradition of research in Geometry and related areas. The new Centre for Geometry and Applications will build on this through an extensive programme of activities: international conferences, world-leading academic visitors, and new links with industrial partners utilising applications of geometry.


Research interests

Algebraic Geometry: Higher dimensional birational geometry; Positivity; Fano varieties; K3 surfaces and Calabi-Yau threefolds; Toric geometry; Secant varieties

Differential Geometry: Projective geometry; Lie sphere geometry; Web geometry; Generalised conformal geometry; Submanifold geometry; Special holonomy

Integrable systems: Hamiltonian and non-holonomic mechanics; Lagrangian fibrations; Soliton equations; Symmetry methods; Dispersionless integrability; Hamiltonian formalism; Algebraic reduction method; Frobenius manifolds; Discrete and quantum integrable systems; Special functions; Algebro-geometric approach to integrability

Current postdocs


  • Dr Matteo Casati

Current research students


  • Katie Spalding (2018): Growth and integrability in multivalued dynamics (supervisor A. Veselov)
  • Jonathan Moss (2016): Linear degeneracy in multidimensions (supervisor E. Ferapontov)
  • Andrea Savoldi (2016): On Poisson structures of hydrodynamic type and their deformations (supervisors E. Ferapontov and  P. Lorenzoni)
  • William Haese-Hill  (2015): Spectral properties of integrable Schroedinger operators with singular potentials (supervisors M. Hallnas and A. Veselov)
  • Ilia Roustemoglou (2015): Classification of integrable differential/difference equations in 2+1 dimensions (supervisors E. Ferapontov and V. Novikov)
  • Veronika Schreiber (2014): Special vector configurations in geometry and integrable systems (supervisor A. Veselov);
  • Dragomir Tsonev (2013): Realisation of holonomy algebras on pseudo-Riemannian manifolds by means of Manakov operators (supervisor A. Bolsinov)
  • Graham Kemp (2013): Algebra and geometry of Dirac magnetic monopole (supervisor A. Veselov)
  • Adrian Hemery (2012): The spectral properties and singularities of monodromy-free Schrodinger operators  (supervisor A Veselov);
  • Nikola Stoilov (2012): Hamiltonian systems of hydrodynamic type in 2+1 dimensions (supervisor E. Ferapontov)
  • Pumei Zhang (2012): Algebraic aspects of compatible Poisson structures (supervisor  A. Bolsinov)
  • Anton Izosimov (2012): Singularities of bihamiltonian systems and the multidimensional rigid body (supervisor A. Bolsinov)
  • Pavel Burovskiy (2009): On the integrability of three-dimensional second order quasilinear PDEs (supervisors E. Ferapontov and A. Veselov)
  • Lenos Hadjikos (2009): Integrable equations of the dispersionless Hirota type (supervisors E. Ferapontov and K. Khusnutdinova)
  • David Marshall (2008): Differential-geometric approach to the integrability of hydrodynamic chains (supervisors E. Ferapontov and K. Khusnutdinova)



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  • EPSRC EP/T001968/1: Dr Ahmadinezhad (CoI), £170,892
  • EPSRC EP/S004130/1: Dr Postinghel (PI), £203,354
  • EPSRC EP/N031369/1: Prof Ferapontov (PI), £280,335
  • Heilbronn Institute focused research grant: Dr Ahmadinezhad £5,485
  • Russian Science Foundation Grant: Dr Bolsinov, £250,000.


  • GRAnD mini-CDT: Dr Ahmadinezhad (PI)
  • IAS semester theme on Geometry: Dr Ahmadinezhad (PI) £25,000.

Past Funding (since September 2017)

  • INdAM Marie Curie Fellow Dr Casati, 2016-2018: £9,000
  • LMS Regional Meetings and Workshop: Prof Veselov £5,000
  • LMS scheme 2 grant for Prof Vitolo: Prof Ferapontov £970
  • Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) grant for Prof Vitolo: Prof Ferapontov £750
  • Royal Society mobility grant: Dr Salagean, £6,000



Events coordinated by the Centre

Lecture series



  • Dr Ziquan Zhuang (MIT), July 2019
  • Prof Alexander Odesski (Brock), June 2019
  • Prof Wadim Zudilin (Nijmegen), April 2019
  • Prof Alberto de Sole (Rome), April 2019
  • Prof Alexander Kuznetsov (Moscow), March 2019
  • Prof Gerard van der Geer (Amsterdam), March 2019
  • Prof Boris Doubrov (Moscow), March 2019
  • Dr Maksym Fedorchuk (Boston), January 2019
  • Dr Igor Krylov (Seoul), January 2019
  • Prof Raffaele Vitolo (Lecce), January 2019
  • Prof Dmitri Markushevich (Lille), November 2018
  • Dr Christian Urech (Imperial College), June 2018