Clean sport behaviours

Doping is a significant threat to fair competition in para-sport, with increasing numbers of adverse findings from athlete samples over recent years at the Paralympic Games.

The role and proximity of an athlete’s entourage (e.g. doctors, sport scientists, nutritionists, psychologists), and wider para sport culture (e.g. team culture) are critical influences on clean sport behaviours.

In collaboration with the International Federation of Cerebral Palsy Football, the programme of research seeks to develop an understanding of the role of athlete support personnel in influencing clean sport culture(s) within international cerebral palsy football.

Research in focus

This 18-month project seeks to explore the role of athlete support personnel in promoting clean sport behaviours and cultures within international cerebral palsy football teams from across the 51 member nations.

The research will identify ways in which the role of athlete support personnel can be further supported and enhanced in the promotion and development of clean sport cultures, and potentially help to mitigate against anti-doping violations and promote improved knowledge and understanding in this group.

The research will also have relevant outcomes for international para-sport populations and organisations in generating future initiatives and supportive educational resources.

This project provides a really great opportunity with which to understand the role team cultures, including attitudes, have on overall clean sport behaviours. Our overall aims for the project are to develop our understanding of clean sport within international CP football along with leaving a legacy of educational resources for WADA and the IFCPF.

Dr Jamie Barker

Meet the experts

Dr Jamie Barker’s main research interest is centred on applied (sport and performance) psychology research and is based around three key themes: intervention effectiveness (including applied research methods), group dynamics and leadership, and stress.

Dr Barker has specific interests in Hypnosis, Rational-Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), Personal-Disclosure Mutual-Sharing (PDMS), Resilience (Challenge and Threat states), Social Identity (Group Dynamics and Leadership), Single-Case Research Methods, and Para-Athlete wellbeing and mental health.

Dr Jamie Barker

Dr Jamie Barker

Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology

Carolyn Plateau

Dr Carolyn Plateau

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Ailish King

Ailish King

Postgraduate Teaching Assistant (Psychology)