Dr Carolynne Mason

Senior Lecturer in Sport and Social Justice

Our academics are leading the future in the critical understanding of the benefits of sport. Senior Lecturer, Carolynne Mason, discusses how her research examines the role of sport in promoting social justice.

Meet Carolynne

Carolynne Mason

My name is Carolynne, and I am a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Social Justice, Director of Student Enterprise for SSEHS and a member of the University’s Senate.

Examining the positive impact of sport

I am undertaking research which critically examines the role of sport in promoting positive outcomes in partnership with global partners including Unicef, StreetGames, Ministry of Justice and numerous charities and third sector organisations.

My research critically examines the role of sport in promoting social justice. This involves exploring the role of sport and physical activity in enhancing the lives of children and adults who participate in sports systems which are characterised by inequalities in, inter alia, wealth, gender, and race.

My current research spans across three major areas: tackling inequalities in, and through sports participation, reducing offending and reoffending through sport, and promoting children’s rights in and through football.

Whilst working in the HE sector has become increasingly challenging over recent years, I love the opportunities that I have had to meet, support, and learn from, students and colleagues from around the world.

I have a long association with Loughborough having completed my undergraduate degree in Social Psychology here and then returning to complete a PhD in the Business School a decade later. I have also worked at four other universities including Cambridge and the Open University in both research and teaching roles. I teach at both undergraduate and master’s level, as well as supervising PhD students.

I love collaborating with practitioners external to the university to ensure that the research we undertake in the university has a real-world impact and enhances the lives of those who face ongoing and complex challenges as a result of structural inequalities.

During my academic career, I have benefited from the support and encouragement of colleagues who have recognised my talents and skills and enjoy being able to feed forward that encouragement to both students and colleagues.

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If you would like to get in touch with Dr Carolynne Mason about collaborations, you can email her at C.L.J.Mason@lboro.ac.uk.