An EDI approach to research and innovation

The School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences is committed to improving our research and innovation (R&I) through our culture and environment.

We believe that equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) are key foundations for research excellence.

Creating inclusive and supportive R&I teams will help us to shape our research and its relevance, and bring new talents and methods to innovate our work.

Developing an EDI approach

Our research and innovation staff are encouraged to step outside of their close networks when looking to collaborate on research projects, in order to gain varied expertise and viewpoints.

By networking across our research themes, our staff have access to a wealth of world-leading and internationally excellent researchers.

World-wide collaborations with fellow academics, as well as international organisations, governing bodies, and policy makers across the sport, exercise and health sectors, help to further ensure our R&I activities benefit from a diversity of expertise.

Our staff are also committed to ensuring research participants represent the widest possible set of backgrounds and characteristics, ensuring EDI principles are embedded at all stages of their R&I activities, from initial design through to dissemination.

Find out more

To discover more about our commitment to EDI across our research and innovation activities, please contact Dr Daniel Rhind, Sub-Dean Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.