Dr Kajal Gokal

Senior Research Associate in Behavioural Medicine

Our academics are leading the future of novel digital technology and self-managed physical activity for positive health change. Senior Research Associate, Dr Kajal Gokal, is researching the benefits and implementation of physical activity for the prevention and management of cancer.

Meet Kajal

Kajal Gokal

Dr Kajal Gokal explores health-related behaviour change interventions to empower individuals to make positive changes to their health and wellbeing. She has a strong interest in how new approaches involving both digital technology and self-managed physical activity can help achieve this goal.

Implementing physical exercise to reduce cancer risk

Kajal’s research in exercise oncology explores the benefits and implementation of physical activity for the prevention and management of cancer. Physical activity can reduce the risk of cancer, treatment related symptoms and the risk of recurrence in some cancers. Yet, most of the population remains inactive and physical activity is not routinely promoted to patients by their cancer healthcare providers during or after cancer treatment in the NHS.

Kajal’s work focuses on the implementation of behaviour change interventions to support the uptake and maintenance of physical activity for both primary and secondary cancer prevention. This involves addressing the barriers to physical activity during and after treatment as well as providing health care providers and patients with support and the tools to manage and monitor progress.

In addition to implementation within the NHS, Kajal works with several multi-disciplinary teams both nationally and internationally to develop social interventions encouraging physical activity among all those affected by cancer.

Ultimately, Kajal hopes that physical activity is recognised as an essential part of care for all adults who are diagnosed with cancer to improve patient’s health and increase their chances of survival.

Kajal is the theme lead of Prevention and treatment of Chronic Diseases within the Centre for Lifestyle, Medicine and Behaviour.

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