Laboratory system launched to aid sustainability

The University is taking a major step towards sustainability by launching a brand-new laboratory system - the Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF).

Originally developed by University College London, the framework supports lab and workshop users to improve sustainability with ideas and actions that can save plastic, water, energy and other resources.

This system works alongside the University’s Carbon Action Plan, with an aim to achieve the goal of reaching Net Zero. Utilising LEAF will lead to significant reductions in carbon emissions across all scopes, including energy use, raw materials, water, purchasing, and waste.

If you would like to get involved, contact your Lab Champion:

  • Eleanor Braithwaite (Technical Officer in Biochemistry)
  • Graham Moody (Laboratory Technician in Chemical Engineering)
  • Imogen Heaton (Technical Tutor in Chemistry)
  • Jonathon Hales (Manufacturing and Architectural Support Technician in the School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering)
  • Emma Wilson (Laboratory Technician in Chemistry)
  • Laura Sutton (Technical Officer in the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences)
  • Rainer Fernandes (Laboratory Technician in Physics)

They are committed to assisting the University in achieving its sustainability objectives and have significant expertise in their respective fields.

This is an example of the University's commitment to the strategic theme Climate Change and Net Zero.