Ford Fund Smart Mobility Challenge is now open for submissions

The School of Design and Creative Arts are proud to maintain strong links with existing industry partners and are pleased to announce that the Ford Fund Smart Mobility Challenge has launched for the fifth year running.

This project is a collaboration with the Ford Motor Company Fund; Ford’s non-profit corporate foundation that leads and drives community investment and employee volunteer-related activities. The Ford Motor Company Fund aims to make people’s lives better in three key areas: Education, Sustainable Communities, and Safe and Smart Mobility.

Student teams are asked to come up with a new idea that will help to create smart connected communities in the future, that make people’s lives better by shaping the way people live and move within their urban communities, whilst enabling and empowering them as individuals and citizens. The idea should enable people and goods to move freely, easily and safely, and provide access to essential resources, promoting connectivity, health and well-being, and green and clean energy efficient living.

There will be awards to invest in the projects with the most potential, with winning teams in previous years being awarded more than £24,500 in funding towards helping to realise their ideas. Read more about previous year’s winners here.

Traditionally, teams comprising different specialisms and skill sets have been highly successful, and interdisciplinary participation across the University is encouraged.

If you are interested in taking part, please email Dr Stuart Cockbill or Dr Val Mitchell for more information. There are a series of key dates and events throughout the challenge, with 4pm on Friday 21st April 2023 being the final deadline for submissions.