Robin Pickering

Current student

Even before it was time for me to choose Universities, I was aware of Loughborough thanks to its consistently high position in the art and design league tables alongside its presence at New Designers each year.

Despite this, I only knew that it was the right place for me when I first stepped foot on campus during an open day tour. It appeared to tick all the boxes in terms of quality and access to facilities, as well as boasting a lively student community.

Wonderfully, this initial impression still rings true to this day. Through my time here I have learnt that Loughborough Design and everyone attending and involved behind making it what it is, all continue to demonstrate a drive and determination that I had not witnessed prior to my start at Loughborough.

I came from a secondary school that did not have a design department during my sixth form, so I had very limited experience in CAD let alone in operating heavy machining equipment! But this was not an issue as getting trained up on these expansive facilities was easy work for the teaching staff at Loughborough, who are all fantastic at introducing and guiding students towards best practice methods.

Robin Pickering

The projects are planned to encourage specific skill development. Which means whether you have had prior experience or not, during the process of working for a brief you will always learn something new or an unexpected method for achieving the same result quicker.

I would say it is having these moments of revelation where you have spent ages doing a task inefficiently, only to stumble across a better solution. Well, less stumble, it is more due to the fact that just by being around other driven students who all work in different ways, then strengths can be traded thanks to the great community that is enabled by sharing the course load together.

If you want to use creativity to find a career that you will never get bored of, then study Product Design. It will give you a huge range of transferable skills so even if you are uncertain on what exactly you want to go into, then a lot of doors are open to students who do this course.

You learn to work with all types of people to help to improve quality of life, whether this comes in the form of making more appealing products or even inventing it all from scratch. You can take away what you want from this course, which will be there to introduce you to the process of design so your future work can be both rewarding and enjoyable.

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