Morgane Dumas

Current student

I chose to study Textiles at Loughborough because even though the course is focused on material aesthetics, I liked the idea of learning more about the technical processes that achieve these effects. I also wanted to improve my understanding of textile properties and the processes that are used to make them.

The teaching quality and facilities benefitted my learning because having a technical tutor in each of the hubs always is great as they are always happy to help you out or give any advice for your project.

My career ambitions are that I would like to go into a career involving creating new future-friendly materials and solutions. I hope that my degree and final project will provide me with enough knowledge about materials to know where to start. I love being able to make a colourful, functional piece of fabric from just a simple spool of yarn.

Morgane Dumas

My advice to anyone considering studying the Textiles course at Loughborough is do not be afraid to experiment and stay organised to keep on top of the workload.

One of my greatest achievements during my time at Loughborough was being selected as a Milliken finalist. I really enjoyed working on this project. It was interesting to start thinking about how my designs could be applied to industry products. I felt very grateful that my work was recognised by such an influential and ethical company.

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