Charikleia Savva


I chose to study my course at Loughborough University because Loughborough Design is one of the top schools for design in the UK with high employability for their graduates and excellent reviews regarding student experience. Another reason was the networking opportunities and support after graduation that the University provides including skills for personal development and growth. Also, the city of Loughborough is a safe place to study and live.

From day one, Loughborough felt like a familiar and safe place for me. The friendly approach of the teaching and the campus staff were willing to help me at any moment. I did not face any difficulties adjusting. Still, I was excited to see all the fantastic facilities and support that the University had to offer me that I was not aware before I came in.

During my course, I learnt a variety of methods and I had access and training and to the latest tools that are currently used in the industry. The outcomes of the challenging projects aiming to address current and future humans needs positively demonstrates the quality of the degree. It also gives me confidence that I can get through any other project in the future.

Charikleia Savva

The modules are designed to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge. What was particularly interesting were the various opportunities we have participating in extra workshops and competitions which was a great experience to practice what we learnt in classes as well as networking with some industry professionals such as Adobe, IBM and Google.

The support we received from the teaching staff was outstanding, especially during the extraordinary circumstances with the pandemic, which forced us to adjust accordingly. Regarding the facilities, Loughborough Design is an inspiring place to work. The modern architecture of the building - that personally reminds me of the famous design school of Bauhaus – was an ideal place to study, and the classrooms are welcome spaces for collaboration among students and tutors.

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