Reducing single use coffee cup waste

Project timeframe
1 January 2019 - 31 July 2019
Research area
Responsible Design
Amount awarded
Funder ID
JOINT Fund, London

Project leader: Dr Vicky Lofthouse

Supported by the JOINT Fund initiative, Dr Vicky Lofthouse and Dr Debra Lilley co-created the #Lollybin – a coffee cup recycling method.

The #Lollybin resulted from a JOINT fund project, which drew on user-centred research and stakeholder analysis to identify, design and test behavioural change interventions to reduce single use coffee cup waste in Here East.

In conjunction with Loughborough's School of Design and Creative Arts, Here East, Change Please and BT Sports, Vicky and Debra sought to optimise the collection of single use coffee cups in order to facilitate recycling. Research has shown that current systems fail to collect waste cups and those which are collected are often too contaminated to be recycled.