Our research

We have a longstanding reputation for delivering cutting-edge research projects that span across design, creative arts, and human factors.

Our vision is to harness creative expertise and innovation to benefit future societies across the globe. We strive to create physical and digital experiences and interactions which benefit people, society, the economy and the environment.

Loughborough University is renowned as a research-intensive institution and the School of Design and Creative Arts contributes substantially to this. The activities within our School sit within the areas of creative expression and the design of experiences, within the context of responding to societal change and challenges.

Our research stretches across a broad spectrum of expertise spanning Design, Creative Arts and Human Factors, and is characterised by transdisciplinary and collaborative working within the School, across the wider University, and alongside industry specialists. Find out more about our core research areas and range of projects taking place across the spectrum below.

Creative Arts

We boast a proven record for creative and scholarly outputs of international excellence in the field of the arts. Research takes place within the School and in collaboration with UK and global research partners, investigating new directions in both the creation and the analysis of a wide range of cultural forms.


Our broad research across the field of Design has real-life impact: changing policy, ideas and the design of everyday products, systems and services. Our extensive research capabilities offer exciting opportunities to make significant advances and inspirational changes at both national and international levels.

Human Factors

We work to investigate how people, products and technologies interact with each other and form socio-technical systems that are key to producing effective procedures, policies, services and cultures, improving understanding around risk management, health and safety, systems design, and accident analysis.