Drawing is Phenomenology?

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Project leader: Dr Deborah Harty

This practice-led research focuses on investigating the premise: drawing is phenomenology?

The research utilises drawing and/or theory/philosophy as a means to test out this hypothesis. The relationship between drawing and phenomenology investigated within this project is two-fold: firstly, considering the ability of drawing to record its own making; secondly, the potential of drawing to record the thoughts of the drawer. The project is developing through four connected and interwoven strands, which consider the following:

  • Musing: engaging with theories and philosophies of both drawing and phenomenology to uncover whether it is reasonable to suggest that drawing is phenomenology​
  • Process: engaging with the varied processes of drawing to uncover whether the premise drawing is phenomenology relates to all processes of drawing
  • Interruption: considering factors that might alter/interfere with the premise drawing is phenomenology
  • Methodology: investigations of phenomenological practice-led methodologies utilised within the project
  • Drawings: examples of drawings created within the project

Image credit: Deborah Harty "child" 2021, embossed paper and stitch.