Project timeframe
1 February 2021 - 31 July 2021
Research area
Amount awarded
Funder ID
IMERA - Institute of Advanced Studies

Project leader: Tincuta Heinzel

The purpose of this project is to understand the challenges design faces today in the age of nano-technologies understood as a new materials paradigm.

The project engages both in a theoretical research allowing to define the categories applied in the use of nano-materials by design, and a practical one, delivering tools and methodologies for arts and design. We live in a world where the research on nano-scale materials promises to revolutionise the near future.

Carbon nano-fibers and carbon nano-tubes will be soon part of the unseen infrastructure that will shape our world, our knowledge, and even our bodies. The main focus of the project is on nano-textiles and will be orientated towards the analysis of changes that occur with the transformation of textiles in sensors and actuators. All these changes provide both opportunities and challenges for design.