Design Ergonomics

Specialising in research, design and evaluation of physical product interactions with people.

Since the early 2000s we have pioneered research into product design and the optimisation of products to accommodate the size, shape, needs and desires of people.

Our expertise starts with the fundamental understanding of human variability, anthropometric (body size) diversity, and the impact of ageing and disability on people’s capabilities and needs. We have extensive experience in the collection, processing and exploitation of anthropometric data, and have been involved with major national sizing initiatives such as Shape GB using our 3D whole body scanner.

We exploit numerous techniques in the evaluation and design of products, interfaces, workstations, workplaces, and environments, working with technologies such as: pressure mapping, motion capture, motion simulation, physical and virtual prototyping, virtual and augmented reality, eye tracking, CAD and 3D scanning, and digital human modelling. We have designed and evaluated, both physically and digitally a diverse range of products including, motorcycles, cars, buses, trams, trucks, boats, and aircraft, including interior spaces and driver/pilot packaging including seats, and interaction points; kitchens and other spaces for activities of daily living; consumer products; and exercise and outdoor play equipment. In addition, we have experience in the design and assessment of HMI interfaces, from physical controls to digital interactions with autonomous systems.

Key projects

We research, develop and exploit out own digital human modelling system SAMMIE. SAMMIE allows us to evaluate and develop solutions in a virtual environment, exploring the fit, posture, reach, vision of people with a given design. We also have the capability to develop new technology within SAMMIE to perform novel evaluations for new project requirements, such as the volumetric evaluation of field of view in vehicles.

Our work covers research, enterprise, consultancy and teaching/knowledge exchange. We have worked with companies from individual concerns to global operations and we have the flexibility to lead original research, subcontract to large research projects or provide tailored consultancy projects through Loughborough University Enterprises Ltd. Our list of partners and clients includes: Nissan, Transport for London, Department for Transport, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Mclaren Automotive, Ipeco, HAGS, Jaguar Landrover, RNLI, Air Accident Investigation Branch, Vax Ltd, Ransomes-Jacobsen, as well as RCUK funders: EPSRC, ESRC, MRC.

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