Sam Green

Sam Green's exhibit

3-Dimensional Design Specialism

Sea creatures mistake plastics for prey and food, plastics with loops or odd shapes can prove lethal to wildlife that get their bodies tangled, or airways blocked by such debris. There is also the increasing issue of the fish that we eat consuming the plastics we use. Many samples of fish meant for human consumption contain microplastics. Plastic consumption leads to carcinogenic effects. Inspired by this issue I used clingfilm as a ‘skin’ with which to wrap the bone structure of a ‘fish’, crafted from cut foamboard. Then allowing the light to seep through the structure from behind, you could clearly see the ‘bone’ under the skin giving the clingfilm a guttural, intestinal look. This is to highlight the extreme increase in plastics present in ocean creatures, and the danger that these plastics cause to both the fish, and the humans that consume them.