Year in Enterprise 2020/21

Meet the students from the 2020/21 Year in Enterprise cohort and learn more about their businesses.

Will Clough

Will Clough - 24P Studio

24P Studio is an award winning Suffolk-based film production company.

24P specialises in the delivery of high end corporate videos to elevate digital marketing and provide solutions for client challenges.

24P Studio website
Alana Collett

Alana Collett - Kiwi & Rose

Achieving positive change for adventurous entrepreneurs and fresh thinking small businesses through intelligent brand strategy and creative design services.

I’m a designer, illustrator and artist, passionate about exploring and pushing boundaries. I’m inspired to create visual narratives and am driven by the desire to connect and grow with people sharing a similar vision. I started Kiwi & Rose to support other conscious business owners in realising their goals and making an impact on their world, and I love what I do! Currently my little studio is a one woman band, but I have dreams of it growing to a little creative family!

Keelan Fitton

Keelan Fitton - 3eyecreations

3eyecreations is a creative consultancy working with businesses of all sizes to improve brand identity, customer engagement and influence a new generation of business. Boost your business with our services: marketing and social media, promotional collaboration, project consultancy.

We aim to bring a creative spark to every business we touch by offering new inspiration, ideas and innovation. With our growing network we hope to build a huge community of creatives from all walks of industry.

Henry Gibbons

Henry Gibbons - Ace Golf Apparel

A golf apparel brand with a mission to help grow the game by making fashionable and affordable golf apparel that can be worn both on and off the course.

Ace Golf Apparel website Ace Golf Apparel - Instagram
Alessio Grespi

Alessio Grespi - Employ-Grads

Developing a web-based application to help streamline the process of advertising job posts and the subsequent processing of applications from placement students and graduates.

Matt Hickman

Matt Hickman - Hickman Marketing Consultancy

We help start-ups to start selling, advertising, and building a customer base online.

Offering free consultations and digital marketing pricing predictions.

Matthew Hosking

Matthew Hosking - Brainstorm Training Systems

Brainstorm Training Systems is an athlete coaching company that provides individualized program designs.

We believe that every athlete benefits from a training plan that involves a personalized approach and one that is fine-tuned specifically to their needs.

Sam Jemmett

Sam Jemmett - Dragon's Lair

Dragon’s Lair is a company devoted to making vivarium decor that provides enrichment for a wide variety of pets, mainly reptilian and amphibian species.

We focus on keeping maintenance low and providing a range of customisable features to give a full experience for keepers and their pets.

Jack Lam

Jack Lam - GradSmart

Almost half of graduates in the UK still don’t know what career path to pursue once leaving university. The GradSmart web platform is a student job board that uses a personality test to match students to careers based on work personality, interests and passions.

GradSmart is the Tinder of graduate recruitment, except we look for more long-term matches...

If you’re unsure on what career path to pursue, we can help! Take five minutes to complete our test to see what careers are best suited to you on our website.

GradSmart website GradSmart - Instagram
Amina Malik

Amina Malik - Amina's Kitchenette

I develop and share home recipes.

Amina's Kitchenette - Instagram
Ted Mott

Ted Mott - Educational Engineering

I'm Ted, a Product Design Engineering student looking to create educational kits to get young students excited about engineering.

Mohammed Raihan

Mohammed Raihan - StudioSoul

I'm Raihan, for my Year in Enterprise I decided to make and publish games as an independent game developer. I'll be primarily working on games that emphasise story and character development.

They'll be released on platforms like Steam, Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. I'll also be setting up a YouTube channel and various other socials pretty soon to show the progress of my game.

Imogen Sandbach

Imogen Sandbach - It's Design

I founded It's Design as an independent brand design studio. I create outstanding brand identity systems that transform brands and maximise their potential.

For each project, I design and develop a strategic visual solution which builds a strong brand identity that is true to the values and personality of the business.

It's Design - Facebook It's Design - Instagram
Daniel Shilling

Daniel Shilling - SKHILLING

SKHILLING is a Danish-British design start-up founded by Daniel Shilling, who believes in providing uncompromised experiences centred around simplicity and sustainability.

This year he designed a fully sustainable Scandinavian water bottle for those who rely on water to fuel them through the day.

Shreya Thakrar

Shreya Thakrar - Dziko, Mwai and Kawaii Addiction

Dziko - A fashion platform where designers from around the world can sell their designs to buyers around the world. My special twist is for users to be able to see their outfits on a virtual model with their body dimensions to see a preview of the outfit on their body type before purchasing the product. The goal is for this company is to highlight cultural representation through fashion, to maintain sustainable fashion and deliver it in an eco-friendly way.

Mwai - Customisable vegan desserts. You can customise your dessert to your preferred taste and enjoy the delicious dessert at your doorstep.

Kawaii Addiction - One stop shop for all things cute and Kawaii. This is a print on demand store in the Kawaii niche.

Imogen Wildin

Imogen Wildin - Imwi Pottery and Prints

My business sells ceramic pots/dishes/mugs that have sculpted noses with piercings. The nose pots will be finished in different coloured glazes with jewellery to represent a nose piercing. I want to expand this idea along the way, by sculpting other parts of the body such as ears and becoming more adventurous with the objects creating food-safe dinnerware and tea sets.

Alongside my focus of pottery, I want my shop to include other art I make such as prints and photography.

Check out my Etsy online store
Sakura Suzuki

Sakura Suzuki - Yasuragi

A London business selling Japanese health and honey related products.

Alex Duff

Alex Duff - Macduff Design

Macduff are creators and distributors of handmade artisan products which provide luxurious additions to modern country homes.

With inspiration for this stemming from my Scottish heritage, an expertise in woodworking, and my love for uniquely designed products that will last a lifetime.