Dr Simeon Coleman

MSc. (Leicester), PhD. (Leicester), PGCHE, FHE

  • Senior Lecturer in Macroeconomics

Expertise: development macroeconomics; international macroeconomics; time series econometrics

Research groups and centres

Simeon Coleman

Simeon joined Loughborough University in January 2014 as a Lecturer in Macroeconomics. He previously worked as a Research Intern on “Long term growth in the Franc zone” at the United Nations University (WIDER) in Helsinki, and at the University of Leicester as a Teaching Fellow, and at Nottingham Trent University as a Lecturer in Economics and Finance.

Simeon's research interests are mainly in the areas of Development macroeconomics, International macroeconomics and Time series econometrics. Current interests include analyses of time-series behaviour and regional asymmetries in macro variables – particularly inflation and exchange rates, the macroeconomics of monetary unions, and the determinants and impacts of volatility of aid to developing countries.