Professor Nick Hajli

PhD in Management, Birkbeck University of London; MPhil, Birkbeck University of London

  • Professor in Strategy and Innovation
  • Head of International Business, Strategy and Innovation group

Professor Nick Hajli is an AI strategist and Professor of Digital Strategy at Loughborough Business School. He earned his PhD in Management from Birkbeck, University of London. Prior to joining Loughborough University, Nick contributed his expertise at both Newcastle University and Swansea University. With a notable presence in academic circles, Nick boasts a portfolio of 100 publications in esteemed journals. His research has garnered recognition in leading publications like the FT50 and ABS 4 journals. He has received prestigious accolades including recognition as one of the top 2% scientists globally by Stanford and as a highly cited author worldwide by Elsevier. Nick has also successfully supervised several PhD students through their academic journeys to completion.

Key grants and projects

Throughout his academic journey, Nick has encountered various funding experiences, including:

  • Pedagogical Framing of Bevan Commission Research 2021-2023, £105,000
  • The commercialisation of innovations from the National Health Service in Wales 2021-2023, £27,500
  • Accelerate: Health Technology Centre – Innovation Management 2017-2021, £738,883

Keynote speaker

Professor Hajli has delivered keynote speeches at conferences and international events.

The latest events are: 

  • Keynote speaker at the Tianjin AI Forum, The Risk of AI: Disinformation, 2023, China
  • Keynote Speaker at the IADIS Information Systems Conference (IS 2022): The Challenges of Artificial Intelligence, 2022, Portugal.
  • Senior Editor: Information Technology & People
  • Advisory Board: Technological Forecasting and Social Change
  • Associate Editor: Electronic Commerce Research and Applications
  • Digital strategy
  • AI and responsible AI
  • Machine learning and deep learning
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International business
  • Big data
  • Social commerce

Doctoral supervision

Professor Nick Hajli eagerly seeks out outstanding candidates interested in conducting research that resonates with his interests. Please share your ideas with me.

  • Zhao, L., Sun, Z., & Hajli, N. (2024). Investigating Crowdfunding Campaign Value Capture Strategy from the Consumer‐based Perspective. British Journal of Management.
  • Burkhardt, G., Boy, F., Doneddu, D., & Hajli, N. (2023). Privacy behaviour: A model for online informed consent. Journal of business ethics, 186(1), 237-255.
  • Evans, R., Hajli, N., & Nisar, T. M. (2023). Privacy‐Enhancing Factors and Consumer Concerns: The Moderating Effects of the General Data Protection Regulation. British Journal of Management, 34(4), 2075-2092.
  • Hajli, N., Saeed, U., Tajvidi, M., & Shirazi, F. (2022). Social bots and the spread of disinformation in social media: the challenges of artificial intelligence. British Journal of Management, 33(3), 1238-1253.
  • Harvey, C., Hajli, N., & Hyman, M. R. (2022). Ethical issues in the application of new and emergent technologies of marketing. Journal of Business Research, 141, 111-112.