Professor Karligash Glass

Bachelors Degree (Tashkent), MSc (Loughborough), PhD (Loughborough)

  • Professor of Financial Economics
  • Deputy Associate Dean (Education and Student Experience)

Expertise: banking and finance, applied econometrics, productivity and performance, emerging economies.

Research groups and centres

Karligash Glass is a Professor of Financial Economics and holds a bachelor's degree in Banking from Tashkent Institute of Finance, Uzbekistan, as well as MSc in Banking and Finance and a PhD in Economics from Loughborough University. Karligash previously worked in capacity of Cost Effectiveness Modeller at the University of Sheffield and as a Research Associate and Lecturer in Economics at Loughborough University.

In the areas of banking and finance, productivity analysis and spatial econometrics, Karligash is an established researcher with a growing international reputation. Her publications include articles in peer-reviewed scholarly journals such as Journal of Econometrics, Oxford Economic Papers and European Journal of Operations Research.

Karligash is a joint organiser of the flagship bi-annual European conference on efficiency and productivity analysis (European Workshop on Efficiency and Productivity Analysis, EWEPA) for 2017 and 2019. She also organised three international workshops on measuring economic performance. Workshop speakers included experts in the field from Federal Reserve Bank, European Central Bank, Financial Services Authority, CME Clearing, Bank of England, National Institute for Economic and Social Research, University of Rome III, Cambridge University, University of Kansas.

Karligash is enthusiastic about her teaching and her commitment to teaching has resulted in a Teaching Innovation Award. Karligash is a Deputy Associate Dean (Teaching) and her previous administrative roles include Postgraduate Programme Director, Deputy Director of Postgraduate PhD Programme (Economics) and Departmental Disability and Additional Needs Students representative.

  • banking and finance
  • applied econometrics
  • productivity and performance
  • emerging economies
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