Dr Justine Wood

PhD, Fordham University; BA, Fordham University; MA, Fordham University; Advanced Certificate in Financial Econometrics and Data Analysis, Fordham University

  • Senior Lecturer in Business Economics

Expertise: central bank transparency, monetary policy, financial economics, economics of education and the history of economic thought

Research groups and centres

Justine is a Lecturer in Business Economics. She is the module organiser for Quantitative Economics (ECA004), and Foundation Maths for Quantitative Economics (ECA013).

Justine studied at Fordham University in New York City and has a background in Monetary, International, and Financial Economics.

Research interests

Justine's current research interests include

  • Central Bank Transparency
  • Monetary Policy, Financial Economics
  • Economics of Education and the History of Economic Thought

PhD applications and expressions of interest are welcome in any of these areas.