Professor Hong Il Yoo

PhD, BEc

  • Professor in Economics

Expertise: behavioural economics (risk and time preferences); econometrics (stochastic choice models); health economics (best-worst scaling and discrete choice experiment).

Research groups and centres

I am Professor in Economics at Loughborough University. I was previously Professor in Economics at Durham University, where I had also been Assistant and Associate Professor. I learned my trade from Professor Denise Doiron and Professor Denzil Fiebig; they had trained and mentored me since my second year at UNSW through my PhD at the same institution.

You can find out more about my latest work at my personal website.

My given name is Hong Il and family name is Yoo. If you stare at 'Il' long enough, you will notice that the first I is slightly thicker than the second l; the first bar is a capital I and the second bar is a small L. Contrary to what sans-serif fonts make it look like, I am not Hong the Second. If anything, I am Hong the First: Il (that is, IL in all caps) means #1 in Korean.

Most of my research sits at the intersection of behavioural economics, econometrics, and health economics. I develop econometric methods for discrete choice data that enable one to infer people's preferences from their stated and revealed choices. My work in behavioural economics uses revealed choices in laboratory and field experiments to study the subject's risk, time, and ambiguity preferences. My work in health economics uses stated responses to best-worst scaling and discrete choice experiments to study the respondent's health-related preferences.