Master's students visit TERN – The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network

A group of people stood in a row, holding a large blue flag with the TERN logo.

On Friday 3 May, Dr Michelle Richey took a group of master's students from the 'International Entrepreneurship and Migration' module to visit TERN - The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network – an amazing social enterprise based in London supporting refugee business start ups.

Michelle has worked with TERN for several years, which includes their contribution to our teaching. For example, the class are coming up with ideas for supporting individuals within the community to start new businesses. They met entrepreneurs from Kenya and Uzbekistan as well as the TERN team during their trip.

Meeting such communities helps to bring inclusive, progressive businesses to life for the students, showing there are ways to use their master's skills to support diverse communities in the UK who have a lot to offer.

Plus, TERN have hired our previous master's students, and have new starters consult Michelle's academic paper about their work.

A great example of our 'Progress with Purpose' movement in action!