Water Engineering and Development Centre

8 Feb 2018

Water and Energy Sustainable Innovation and Industry - Conference

Date: 22 – 23 April 2018

Venue: The University of Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain

Registration: Open

Conference Website: http://wesii.uob.edu.bh/

The University of Bahrain is organizing and hosting in collaboration with  British Council,  Loughborough University, The University of Oxford and Aston University the WESII (Water and Energy Sustainable Innovation and Industry) Conference and Exhibition on the 22-23 of April 2018. The Conference will address issues that come under the purview of the following:


1. Wastewater treatment technologies

2. Desalination technologies

3. Water Management

4. Clean Energy technologies

5. Renewable Energy technologies

6. Energy management


We are very pleased to invite you to register for the conference and to gain the opportunity to explore different innovation research and technologies related to water and energy industry for the MENA region. Please follow the conference website where you may register under your respective categories http://wesii.uob.edu.bh/ 


Further questions can be addressed to wesii@uob.edu.bh