Spinal Cord Injury exercise guidelines video launched

Vector drawing of person in a wheelchair completing arm stretches

The Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport (PHC) has developed a new video to help people with spinal cord injury (SCI) to better engage in meaningful physical activity and take ownership of their health.

The video provides an introduction to physical activity, including tips on where to find exercise opportunities, how to start, plan and set goals, and where to find social support throughout the process.

Conducted in the context of the reduced physical capacity and increased chronic disease risk in persons with SCI, the video informs viewers how regular activity is key; not only to prevent chronic disease, but also to maintain the ability to engage in activities of daily life.

Research informed exercise guidelines

The exercise guidance provided is based on the work of PHC researchers Prof Vicky Tolfrey, Sven Hoekstra and David Maidment and produced in consultation with patients, physiotherapists and medical staff.

The project, funded by EPG in collaboration with PRSCIC and WheelPower, reflects the numerous barriers people with spinal cord injury experience in order to engage in regular physical activity.

One of the often-cited barriers is the lack of information on the appropriate dose of exercise to engage in for health improvements. Exercise guidelines specifically tailored to persons with SCI form a tremendous step in removing this barrier.

To download the video, please visit Vimeo.