Creating impact with our partners

We form lasting partnerships with a diverse range of stakeholders from local groups, national and international sports organisations to world-leading research institutions. Sharing research and experiences with the individuals and community groups that participate in our work is a key part of what we do.

We recognise the importance of including research participants in the interpretation and learning of our findings.

Participants enable the co-creation of innovative ways to disseminate what we have discovered together.

Engaging these valued stakeholders throughout the research cycle brings many mutual benefits:

  • Improving the credibility and validity of research findings through shared sensemaking
  • Enhancing knowledge and empowering individuals and organisations
  • Promoting long-term relationships, trust, and collaboration

Put simply, research participants are as crucial to delivering impact as the research partners and funders of the work that we do.

The PHC boasts a number of world-leading researchers in the field of disability sport. Our collaboration with them supports EIS in the delivery of world-class services to Paralympic athletes and national [sports] governing bodies.

Dr Tom Paulson Former Head of Paralympic Performance Support, English Institute of Sport