Culture, economy and policy

Loughborough has a proud history of pioneering work in the critical political economy of communication and in media and cultural policy. Our work in this area highlights the role of media and cultural industries, as well as policy, in reproducing existing inequalities, and seeks to understand their potential for encouraging greater cultural participation.

We use arts and culture to foster public dialogue on citizenship, identity, and belonging. Project partners include The Tate Modern, with whom we have hosted exhibitions and a symposium featuring the work of artists exploring issues of migration and identity.

We use cultural activities to enhance participation among underrepresented groups. Our work has helped Hackney Council develop services aimed at improving outcomes for young black men, contributed to policy debates in the House of Lords Select Committee on Citizenship and Civic Engagement, and Citizens UK’s Commission on Islam, Participation & Public Life.

Improving youth access to creative industries

New approaches to training and development are needed to ensure that young people are ready to meet the demands of the evolving workplace.

However, young people’s professional choices are not influenced only by the school, but by complex and not always coherent webs of information, interactions and practices online and offline, in local and interest-based communities, and out of school activities.

Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Victoria & Albert Museum (and main image)


In collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum and a range of cultural, non-profit, and academic partners, we are developing a new model for skills development outside formal education which has young people’s aspirations at its heart. The research aims to influence the agendas of cultural and community institutions – and make a difference for younger people, especially those who are marginalised and disadvantaged.

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Dr Amalia Sabiescu

Dr Amalia Sabiescu

Lecturer in Media and Creative Industries

UKRI Innovation Fellow, AHRC Early Career Research Leadership

Supporting sustainable creative and cultural industries

We are part of a collaborative and interdisciplinary research project investigating the dynamics of creative work and creative entrepreneurship in Ghana.

African fabrics from Ghana

Advancing Creative Industries for Development in Ghana

This project aims to generate new knowledge of creative and cultural industries (CCIs) in Ghana. Focusing on four key creative industries in Ghana: performing arts, film, fashion design and visual arts, the project examines the impact of existing CCI policy and government initiatives, and explores the lived and situated dynamics of creative work and creative entrepreneurship in Ghana. The knowledge generated will provide the groundwork for policy co-design and business model co-production in collaboration with stakeholders as a step towards securing decent jobs and viable businesses in the CCI sector.

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