Take part in our research

We are currently recruiting volunteers to share their thoughts and ideas on how to make Loughborough a healthier and more connected place to live.

Drop in sessions will take place on Tuesday afternoons at the Careers & Enterprise Hub in Loughborough town centre, and on Thursday and Saturday mornings at John Storer House between now and May 2024. These sessions are an opportunity to learn more about the project, ask questions, and find out how to get involved.

If you would like to take part, we will invite you to attend a focus group, covering the following themes:

  • How do you get around Loughborough? Are you able to walk or cycle?
  • How do you use parks, open spaces and other recreational facilities?
  • How easy is it to keep active and get regular exercise – are there any difficulties you face?
  • How important are open spaces and recreational facilities to your community?
  • Have you seen any changes in the town since the start of the pandemic?
  • What challenges does Loughborough face, and what could make things better?

Participants must be 18 or over and live or work in Loughborough. Your feedback will help our research teams to develop plans and activities that make it easier for local people and communities to keep active and get around. By having your say on issues that are important to you, you can also help to inform important decisions about the future of the town.  

To take part, please complete this form or email hilp@mailbox.lboro.ac.uk