Healthy and Innovative Loughborough

The Healthy and Innovative Loughborough project aims to create jobs, support new businesses, and make local people healthier.

Funded by a £2.46 million grant from Loughborough Town Deal, the project will use the University's reputation and expertise in sports, research, entrepreneurship, and knowledge creation to:

Attract new sporting organisations to Loughborough.
Support local people with business ideas, entrepreneurship and overall growth.
Encourage local residents to live active and healthy lives.
Improve transport connectivity between the train station, town centre, and Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Park.
Measure the success of Town Deal projects to make sure they’re delivering real, measurable benefits to local people.

Our projects

Five core projects will support the development of new infrastructure, attract new businesses, provide support to people wanting to start their own businesses, and enhance the overall health and well-being of the community.