Applied Photovoltaics

Man installing solar panels

Find out more about the CREST Applied Photovoltaics Research Group capabilities and research interests below:


PV2025 - potential costs and benefits of photovoltaics for UK infrastructure and society.

Characterisation of PV cells & modules

Full characterisation of PV system components (cells, modules, inverters and protection devices) under controlled laboratory conditions.

Solar resource & PV performance monitoring

An overview of the outdoor test facility for long-term monitoring of PV module output, solar radiation and other meteorological parameters.

PV modules: production, durability & failure mode analysis

Large-area PV laminate production facility/module quality control and degradation of encapsulation materials/accelerated ageing and modelling of PV module degradation and failure.

Energy yield from PV systems

Detailed modelling of the solar resource and PV system design to predict energy output and full life-cycle cost of PV electricity.