CREST wins the IEEE PVSC 5k team event

Nada Benhaddou, Jake Bowers, Jacques Kenyon, Rachael Greenhalgh, Adam Law, Kerrie Morris, Kieran Curson, Vladislav Kornienko

The annual IEEE Photovoltaics Specialist Conference (PVSC) is arguably the most important gathering of solar energy researchers.

This year, it was held 11th to 16th June in San Juan in tropical Puerto Rico. In addition to making several important contributions to the scientific proceedings (including a world record solar cell efficiency), the CREST team triumphed in the 5k sun run.

Adam Law led the team, finishing 4th in the individual rankings, despite taking a wrong turning during the race.  Adam can be seen holding the first-place certificate, surrounded by other members of the victorious CREST team.