Developing advanced multi-sensing technologies to help tackle the climate and pollution crisis.

The impact of climate change on the world’s ecosystems affects us all. Under the current status quo, the cost of climate change damage is projected to triple to 3.3% of GDP by 2050.

Our ability to sustainably grow food and maintain clean and safe water supplies crucially depends on a better understanding of how soil and water are affected by changing – and increasingly unpredictable – weather.

Current technology can be costly, with a limited lifespan and is reliant on off-site laboratory analysis. We urgently need low-cost, low-energy sensors to detect harmful pollutants and pathogens, rapidly and in real time. In developing countries worst affected by climate change, the need is even more acute.

EcoSENSE is a vibrant interdisciplinary science cluster with a track record in commercialisation that aims to meet this technology demand.