Introducing the CALIBRE framework

The Collective Ambition at Loughborough for Building Research Excellence (CALIBRE) framework is an inclusive, comprehensive and forward-looking articulation of the research component of the University’s Building Excellence strategy.

The CALIBRE framework sits within the context of the University strategy and sets out the programmes through which we will reach our collective ambition to deliver impactful world-class research across all disciplines.

At the heart of the framework are the diverse but focussed research strengths driven by all 10 of our Schools. Our research narrative rightly starts by recognising the breadth and depth of these strengths.

Around this core are the 8 fundamental components of the framework, aligned to the four key themes of the University’s strategy –

Calibre framework

Investing in our staff 

  • Research Leaders programme: supporting the next generation, particularly Post-Doctoral Research Assistants (PDRAs) and early career academics, so that Loughborough is recognised as a destination of choice for the best early career talent.

Raising standards and aspirations

  • Ambition programme: identifying opportunities to raise performance within existing research areas.
  • Beacon programme: focusing on the major research strengths of the university, where external opinion readily recognises quality across a broad area. These first five Beacons are: Sport and Exercise, Communication and Culture, High Value Manufacturing, Built Environment, and Transport Technologies.
  • Adventure programme: incentivising the exploration of new areas of research or translation of existing expertise into new application areas.

Growing capacity and influence

  • Thought Leadership programme: placing Loughborough at the heart of the debates of the day.
  • Global Challenges programme: developing multi-disciplinary solutions to the biggest societal challenges of our time in four identified areas – Energy, Changing Environments and Infrastructure, Health and Wellbeing, and Secure and Resilient Societies
  • Here to Stay programme: bringing the world’s very best academic researchers to Loughborough with the Institute of Advanced Studies as a flagship initiative. 

Educating for Success

  • Doctoral College programme: delivering a financially sustainable world-class doctoral student experience.

More detail about the CALIBRE framework and its component programmes is available in the full CALIBRE document.