Rapid chemical detection in the hot zone

How do you assess and diagnose the threat in a CBRN incident without endangering lives?

To support first responders in the rapid evaluation of an incident hot zone T4i engineering, an SME based on the Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Park, has developed air sampling technology small enough to be carried by a drone.

The T4i DOVER™ (Drone Operable Vapour Examiner and Recorder) can be fitted to a UAV, flown into contaminated air space and in real time feedback information on the chemical compounds present in the atmosphere.

Although chemical sensing technology already exists, the T4i DOVER is the first to be compact enough to be fitted to a drone and capable of getting accurate air samples when on-board multi-rotor aircrafts.

T4i engineering provides custom-fit solutions in the areas of detection, search and rescue. Its employees are experts in chemical and electronic engineering, and specialise in the design of modular and adaptive detectors. For further information visit the T4i Engineering website.