How the University can support you

The University has a number of services available to you if you need support with your mental wellbeing.

Employee Assistance Programme (for staff)

The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provides confidential unlimited support on any matter that might be of concern to you – from mental health and wellbeing, through to legal, relationship and money matters.

Help is given by accredited counsellors or information specialists, depending on whether the need is for emotional or practical support.

The service is free and available to members of staff across the University 24 hours a day, 365 days a year either through an online portal or a telephone helpline.


Togetherall is an online portal designed to help people get support to take control of their wellbeing and feel better. It provides 24/7 peer-to-peer and professional support (from experienced clinicians who are always online), plus a range of courses and tools to help people self-manage their wellbeing.

This service is safe, their community is anonymous, and it is free for all staff and students. You can sign up using your University email address.

LU Wellbeing app

The app has been developed in partnership with mental health and wellbeing experts at UniWellbeing. The platform enables staff and students to take control of their health and wellbeing in their own hands to ultimately lead a healthy and happier lifestyle.

It follows a holistic approach using proven methods to positively influence your wellbeing, incorporating mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) amongst many other techniques.

The guidance provided is offered in the form of podcasts, written articles and external resources.

It is free to download on any smart device and can be found on the App Store or Google Play.

Student Wellbeing team

The Wellbeing Team is part of Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity. The team is made up of mental health and wellbeing professionals who are there to support you with your health and wellbeing concerns. 

If you would like to access additional support, please complete the online Wellbeing Referral Form. 

University Chaplaincy

Chaplains are available for anyone, irrespective of their religious or spiritual background. The opportunity to talk to someone outside of your work or study environment can be really beneficial if you’re feeling stressed. Whether you want someone to listen or feel you need a quiet space, the University Chaplaincy is a supportive service for both staff and students.

Health and Wellbeing blog

The Health and Wellbeing blog features articles on a variety of topics including mindfulness and self-care. Staff and students also write articles sharing their personal experiences with mental health and what they do for their wellbeing.

The Yellow Book

The Yellow Book is an online resource created by rethinkyourmind that has various tools and techniques to help you combat stress in written and audio format. In addition, the e-book features poems, songs, readings and artwork to help with your mental wellbeing.

Please note to access this resource sign-in is required using your staff or student login details. 

Other sources of mental health support