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One way of interpreting the GaWC project is that it is putting geography into globalization. Globalization is much more than a 'new' scale of activities, it is importantly a new spatial patterning of activities. Thus this section contains no rehashing of the common and very predictable 'international development' world maps sourced from UN publications. Rather we produce new maps and images for the new geography that is globalization.

Hence visualization is a key concern of GaWC: initial early thoughts on how to present the new concepts and data we generate can be found in Research Bulletin 30 and Research Bulletin 31.

Examples of GaWC visualizations:
Information-rich Visualisation of Dense Geographical Networks
Mapping Shifting Hierarchical and Regional Tendencies in an Urban Network through Alluvial Diagrams
City Networks in the United States: A Comparison of Four Models
Contemporary Mappa Mundi: American Exceptionalism in the World City Network
The Position of the Dutch 'Noordvleugel' Region within International Foreign Direct Investment Networks

This section of GaWC is highly experimental as we try different forms of visualization - from atlases of maps or cartograms to various animated productions. The purpose in all cases is to capture different aspects and interpretations of how cities operate within contemporary globalization.