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What GaWC is About

Created in the Geography Department at Loughborough University, this network focuses upon research into the external relations of world cities. Although the world/global city literature is premised upon the existence of world-wide transactions, most of the research effort has gone into studying the internal structures of individual cities and comparative analyses of the same. Relations between cities have been neglected by world cities researchers; the Globalization and World Cities (GaWC) Research Network has been formed to aid in rectifying this situation.

Today the network operates as the leading thinktank on cities in globalization and has diversified into related subjects where concern for inter-city relations intersects with research on issues concerning, for instance, international business, sustainability, urban policy, and logistics.

The GaWC network for producing and disseminating knowledge of cities in globalization operates at several levels:

There are the general users of our website: according to ClustrMaps our website annually attracts about 50,000 hits across over 150 countries

There are followers of @GaWC on Twitter: these numbered over 5000 at the last count

There are contributors to the website: over 280 scholars of whom some 250 are authors of GaWC Research Bulletins

There is a GaWC team of key researchers who have developed, maintain and are taking the GaWC research programme forward

In addition there are GaWC research fellows, younger scholars working on current GaWC themes