A students guide to London

Our students who are studying in London have come together to share their favourite places to eat, drink, shop and to spend quality time with their friends. Who better to give you a tour of London than our current students?

Photo of Benjamin, a student from Nigeria who studies at our London campus.


Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management MSc student from Nigeria

The London campus is a great facility with loads of cool equipment and spaces for you so do take advantage of it.

Photo of Emilia, a student from Sierra Leone


Diplomacy, Statecraft and Foreign Policy MSc student from Sierra Leone

I enjoy having lunch at the on-campus café, Canalside or at Westfields with my friends and classmates in between lectures!

Emily is a student from Hong Kong who is studying at our London campus.


Digital Marketing MSc student from Hong Kong

I would recommend buying an Oyster Card when you get to London. You can buy a 16-25 railcard for £30 a year and then you can speak to a member of staff to get the discount on your oyster card too!

Isaac is a student from Nigeria, currently studying at our London campus.


Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management MSc student from Nigeria

For a self-sponsored student like me, the fact that one can easily find a job in London is a real gem and I took advantage of this during my time in London

Photo of Jinny, a student from Thailand who studies at our campus in London.


International Management MSc student from Thailand

Stratford Shopping Centre has a Sainsbury’s, a Poundland and lots of oriental shops to do your own ‘home’ cooking! Having met people from the same place as me has really helped settle in to life at London.

Leonidas, student from Greece


Sport Business and Innovation MSc student from Greece

I spend several hours in the library each day studying and reading. This may sound like a lot but it was a great way to meet people and socialise.

Originally from Ecuador, Linda now studies in London at our postgraduate campus.


Security, Peace-Building and Diplomacy MSc student from Ecuador

I didn’t know that you could get involved in exercise classes at some of the Olympic Park facilities, like the CopperBox and the Swimming Pool, but you can!

Linsay is a student from South Korea


Sport Analytics and Technologies MSc student from South Korea

I like to meet people and learn by attending as many seminars, conferences and networking parties as I can. It really helps me to come up with ideas how to connect what I've learned from the lecture to the real world.

Madj is a student from Jordan currently studying at our London campus.


Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management MSc student from Jordan

Besides the famous attractions, it is worth exploring other areas in London such as Kew Gardens, Wembley, and little Venice. Also, students should enjoy the Olympic park as much as possible.

Yating is from China and is currently studying at our campus in London.


Design Innovation MA/MSc student from China

I’d recommend buying winter clothes but wait until you arrive in the UK because it is much cheaper and there are so many options! There's also a free shuttle bus from Stratford International to campus which makes getting to campus really easy

Originally from Thailand, Thanakorn now studies in London at our Postgraduate Campus.


Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management MSc student from Thailand

What really helps me feel like I am at home are the oriental shops in the Stratford Shopping Centre. I can buy all my ingredients from there and cook meals to remind me of home.