Steve Brown Texas-Loughborough Scholarship

Loughborough University is pleased to offer the Steve Brown Texas-Loughborough Scholarship to the value of $25,000 over three years (excluding a placement year).

The Scholarship is funded through a generous donation and will provide support to a full-time undergraduate student residing in the USA who has achieved exceptional school or college grades.
Award-holders will receive $8,333 per year for three years and the support will be paid directly into your bank account in three equal instalments per year.

Selection criteria

Applicants who meet the following criteria will be eligible for consideration:

Commence the first year of a full-time undergraduate degree course at Loughborough University at the start of academic year 2023/24
Be a legal permanent resident in the USA and assessed as paying International tuition fees
Have applied and be in receipt of an offer from Loughborough University by 15 April 2023
To have achieved or be predicted to achieve exceptional school or college grades
Select Loughborough University as their firm choice institution
Preference will be given to a candidate from a financially disadvantaged background.

Value of the scholarship

$25,000 USD over three years excluding a placement year. Award-holders will receive $8,333 per year for three years.

Application process

All applicants that meet the criteria above will be identified and contacted by the University to invite them to make an application for the scholarship.

To apply for the scholarships, the application form (please see link below) must be completed before the deadline for applications which will be highlighted in the invitation to apply.

The selection panel will meet to review the applications shortly after the closing date.

When considering the applications received, the panel will take into account the following:

  • The applicants supporting statement and a demonstration that the scholarship will have a positive impact on their university experience
  • Achieved or predicted academic achievement
  • Household income
  • Previous family involvement in Higher Education

The successful applicant will be notified of the award shortly after this consideration process (applicants on the reserve list may also be contacted). Please note that the scholarship may be conditional upon meeting certain academic conditions and/or verification of declared household income information.

Scholarships will not be awarded until after the University has received all examination results, and been able to confirm that the applicant has chosen Loughborough as their firm choice university, and has successfully secured a place to study at Loughborough.

Scholarship application form