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Charter and Statutes

Statute VII

The Honorary Treasurer

VII. The Honorary Treasurer


The Honorary Treasurer shall be appointed by the Council and shall, subject to these Statutes, normally hold office for three years from the date on which he/she is appointed and shall be eligible for re-appointment.


If the office of Honorary Treasurer becomes vacant by his/her death or resignation or from any other cause before the expiration of his/her period of office, the Council shall appoint a successor, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 1 of this Statute.


The functions of the Honorary Treasurer shall be determined by the Council.


The Honorary Treasurer shall receive on behalf of the University any money or property payable or deliverable to the University and his/her receipt shall be sufficient discharge for the same, but the Council may appoint other persons to give receipts for any such money or property and in such case a receipt given by any such other person shall be a sufficient discharge for the same.


The Honorary Treasurer may resign by writing addressed to the Council.

November 2014

Note: Amendments allowed by the Privy Council on 30 December 1974 and 7 April 1982 are embodied in the Statutes, and are indicated by *.

Modifications made by the University Commissioners and allowed by the Privy Council on 17 November 1992 are incorporated and are indicated by †.

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